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what to visit in cariati calabria

The Village

One of the most beautiful towns in Calabria being a few hundred meters from its marina. The village is accessible from several points but one of main entrances is “ Porta Pia”. The first core of the historic center was built as a fortified strategic place during Byzantine period between the ninth and tenth centuries. The mighty walls of the town were fortified when the town was under the rule of the  Ruffo’s family feud . The full length of the perimeter is about a mile interspersed with eight towers.

Are ascribed to the Byzantine city walls of the first building, which was consolidated and restructured in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It became the county in Norman times (Xlcentury) and later Principality (1565), Decatur was subject to various lordships. We alternated the Ruffo, the Riario, the Sanseverino, Coppola, the Borgia, and ultimately (1505) Spinelli, Principles of Decatur in 1565, who held it until the abolition of feudalism (1806). In 1437, while under the dominion of Ruffo, Decatur was elevated to a bishopric, and still retains that title today.


Porta Pia (or Porta Nuova) and Corso XX settembre

One of the Main entrances to the Medieval Village is Porta Pia a doorway that leads onto.

Corso XX Settembre: As you enter this entrance there is a feeling of being in a genuine medieval town.Immediately after the entrance is the Seminary palace, built in the first half of the seventeenth century; Continuing down Corso XX Settembre (once via Duomo) is located the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel, and attached to it the Bishopric Palace. In front of the Bishopric Palace is situated in the village square (Piazza Plebiscito) where you can see the bell civic tower with a civic clock, built in 1904.


Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel

The Cathedral dedicated to St. Michele Arcangelo was built in early 400, was rebuilt under the episcopate of the bishop Nicola Golia in 1857 by architect Nicola Carmine Ruggiero. The exterior is composed of a portic, where stands the bell tower which was built later. The duome is covered with polychrome majolic tiles. The interior has three naves divided by a series of massive Ionic columns arranged in pairs built in brickwork.


The Brezia Tomb (IV-III century BC.)

This is a grave-type "artificial cave", situated on a hill overlooking the sea (constant feature of settlements and funerary contexts in the area, even in earlier historical periods have been found). It’s located in the area of Contrada Salto and is easily accessible from the S.S.106. This is probably the tomb of a brettia warrior dated back more or less to the IV-III century B.C The tomb is of rectangular shape, painted. Inside here many objects have been found, most probably belonging to the "warrior". It's armor, belts, decorated pottery and other typical funeral furnishings. These objects are currently kept in the Museum of Sibari, where you can go and visit and admire them.


Observant Church (1441 A.D)

It is the most interesting churches of the place. Built in the fifteenth century by order of Bonaccorso Caponsacco. Just a few hundred meters from the walls of the village. It’s a work in monastic style of late Gothic style, consisting of a quadrangular apse still well preserved. The portal is in arched shaped stone and the ceiling ribs are covered with polychrome majolic tiles. An artistic and historical work of great regional importance.


Various Info

Resident Population: 8.289 (M 4.057, F 4.232) - Population Density for Square Km: 296,6 - (dati Istat 2001) - CAP 87062 - Phone Area Code 0983 - Number of Family 2.611 - Number of Habitants 6.989 - Name of Abithants cariatesi - Patron Saint San Cataldo



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