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The Vuculari

Pottery art is a typical craft activity of Cariati from ancient origin yet now almost extinct. The potters had their own small workshops concentrated in a neighborhood called the "Vucalari" name derived from "vucalu", an earthenware pot with handle and spout used to hold water. The potter's house was very poor (the only laboratory tools were the lathe and a bench). The old process was family conducted: the women collected  twigs and paid attention to drying, the children would prepare the clay and the men took care of the lathe. The clay was mixed with a lot of water by young people and children who, for hours, had to step on  it with their feet to make it pliable. The clay was then shaped with a lathe, consisting of two floors connected by a circular vertical axis. The lathe was operated with the left foot of the vucalaru to make it turn then thanks to the expert hands of the potter, gave shape to those vucali that amaze by their perfection. The craftsman to scratch and line the pots, used a few pieces of a broken comb, to remove the pot from the wheel used a  thin file. Then were put in the sun to dry and later cooked in a kiln  for about six hours at 900 degrees.  An apprentice employed several years before becoming a "mastru vucalaru",it began with simple works such  as "rasticeddi (small plant pots) and worked its way to more complexed works.Today this activity is almost completely vanished, but in the past constructed objects  made by our vucalari were known and appreciated throughout all the South.

The handicraft production has been replaced by industrial Vucalari in the district, where once there 'huts were used to work with clay and kilns, today there are new buildings. The few vucalari present in Cariati no longer work by hand, there are no young apprentices willing to learn and pass on the ‘art of  pottery’

The objects of  old tradition Pottery best known are:

  • The vucali: clay jars used to contain drinking water.
  • A Ciarra: jars used for storage of olives in salt or to contain  'oil.
  • A Limmo: large enamel inside bowl .
  • A rasta: pots for plants.
  • A gummula: small  water jars;
  • A rasta p'ira smooth, large container in which  laundry was rudimentarly done (ash and hot water).
  • A lincedda: pot-bellied with a wide neck, full of water drawn from the fountain.
  • U tarzaluru: container for various  supplies put under salt to season.
  • A tianedda: pan used to prepare sauces or main dishes.
  • A piñata: pot usually used for cooking dry seed vegetables, using the heat of an open fire


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