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Cariati “A Medieval Village On The Mediterranean Sea”

Rich in art and history, Cariati reflects in the legendary waters of the Ionian Sea. The picturesque Historical Centre, the winding streets, that makes it still look like a Medieval Fortress with  unique and intact city walls, consisting of eight towers facing the sea. All this makes it a town of unparalleled beauty.

The time for a short walk, during which it’s possible to admire amazing views that it’s already changed, donated by the suggestive frame from the enchanting setting of an old town, we pass to the atmosphere of a  more lively ,more colourful and equally extraordinary of a fishing village. Cariati  is a place with an ancient seagoing tradition. In the local port, you can buy fresh fish directly from the numerous fishing boats returning from fishing. The pristine beaches, crystal clear sea, the sun ... are the ingredients for an unforgettable day.

This is how an illustrious tourist of the nineteenth century describes, the Neapolitan writer Cesare Malpiga (1804-1852) who visited it in 1846  for a short period whilst guest at an aristocratic family of the place: A small town astride a hill, divided in two by a road, flanked by other paths, with a bishopric, a seminary and the remainings of a castle, instead of gaia no, lorded by the sea, winds and  clear in  ancient history of the low times, famous for the passing of birds; inhabited by simple , quiet and hardworking people, quiet picturesque.

Pianeta Mare and Legambiente In Cariati

 Pianeta Mare of television Channel 4 conducted by Tessa Gelisio to environmental sea, on fishing and fish dishes on a visit to Cariati.

PiccolaGrandeItalia is an initiative of Legambiente, which would develop the small Italian municipalities representing more than 55% of the country, made of valuable natural areas, parksand protected areas. These 5,835 small towns not only play an irreplaceable work ofsafeguarding and care of the land, but they are bearers of culture, knowledge and traditions.

Travel Experiences in Cariati: DreamingSouth

Dreamingsouth.it is a web format that brings travelers in southern Italy, young creatives from all over the world for a week. Bloggers, photographers and video makers with the purpose of telling the territory through multimedia content, with a young prospect and little formal education. The style is "live like local", that is, to live the experience of traveling in close contact with the locals, discover the traditions and taste the local produce.



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