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Soft-Air Cariati

Cariati’s Soft-Air group simulate fairly realistic battles between various opposing groups, this type of game is played in different environments such as forests and abandoned urban areas such as  factories or similar places, even some areas such as  demilitarized zones. 
These "battles" take place between two teams which have at their disposal several methods to reach their goal. The softgunner (players of soft-air) use camouflage, radio, flashlight (for night games), cartridges, compasses and the inevitable toy "weapons" , to make it "real" retaliation between the two factions.

Our customers can participate for free, and so if you are passionate and with equipment with you ,Cariati’s  SoftAir  group  is for you.




For Info and Reservation:

Via G. Garibaldi, 59 (CS)
87063 Cariati Old Town
Mob. +39 333-4045284
Off. +39 0983-968734
Fax. +39 0983-532976



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