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Fishing Cariati

Cariati offers many fishing opportunities for beginners. In addition to free fishing from the beach, that does not need a license, it is possible to deep-sea fish - Trolling and Drifting in amberjack, dorado, and snapper. The outputs of the trolling depth is dedicated to the big amberjacks, snapper and  hinges, with the most classic lead-lined lines, and sinker live an dead bait as well as artificial. In addition to deep trolling  during the hottest months surface dragging for  swordfish, dorado, albacore, tuna, bream, garfish and many other species.




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Via G. Garibaldi, 59 (CS)
87063 Cariati Old Town
Mob. +39 333-4045284
Off. +39 0983-968734
Fax. +39 0983-532976



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