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Eventi Turistici Cariati Calabria

Cariati’s summer

Cariati’s Summer is all the events taking place during the summer season .as well as events already established as "la regata dei Gozzi" and the traditional procession of St. Rocco at sea, many other  events are planned  In between each year, literary cafés in the square, the crowded Mediterranean film forums, concerts of classical music, the expected moments of sharing and dialogue with the communities immigrated abroad, then the many events thought  and organized by  associations and the extraordinary festivals of  local products.


Religious holiday of San Rocco

Like the rest of Calabria, Cariati is also very popular  for religious manifestations. We recall in particular the feast of San Rocco, that is held on August 16th with a procession at sea with the saints statue  put on a "fishing boat" (a local fishing boat). The procession is followed by all the fishing boats and yachts, which accompany along  the coast, where at sunset many tourists who flock to Cariati and near  the port, gather to watch the spectacular fireworks that are fired in honor of the saint.


Festa di San Cataldo

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Regata dei Gozzi

The race is a defining moment of the fishing boats of the fishing village, with the force of sailors in the race to finish first, aboard their boat. The crop is a typical feature of boat  craft with its own caracteristical lampara. The race takes place between the families of the village, in the waters just outside of the port. The route length is of about one kilometer, it puts a strain on the strength of the sailors.


Euromed Meeting Cariati

The Euromed Meeting is a traveling event for all of Calabria with a program of guided tours combined with the educational program, now established in nine editions of "Eight Towers on the Ionian Sea", to be updated annually, It’s intended primarily to countries of the Mediterranean basin . The experience of success of summer in the south dedicated to management issues and identity. It’s the event that is defined as the greatest school.



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