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Palazzo Mascambruno

In the distinctive historical center (dating back to 1000 AD) located in the town of Cariati in Calabria,a center surrounded by a formidable defense wall and eight watch towers overlooking the Ionian sea from the top of a hill, along a coastline called the Coast dei Saraceni, rich with art, history, antiquity and religious traditions,in an antique palace dating back to 1600 AD, the comfortable B&B Residence d'Epoca “Palazzo Mascambruno” was realized, ready to offer exclusive reception and reserved for selected guests.

The Palace was constructed upon the Roman ruins dating back to 200 BC, according to the discovery of a wine and olive oil press machine and the related deposit tank, dating back to that Era.

The careful renovations, attention to details and the creation of elegant and spacious rooms make the environment of  this Palace relaxing and pleasant.

From the rooms of this antique palace, it is possible to enjoy a breathtaking panorama, from one side, the beautiful hills which were once inhabited by many civilizations like the Greeks and  the Romans, to the splendid view overlooking the Ionian Sea.

This unique B&B is perfectly located enable to easily access the historical center for a relaxing stroll and at the same to ready to depart into the many wonders of the countryside in Calabria.

The rooms are equipped with the most modern features such as: Air Conditioning, LCD TV. Free wi-fi, phone, safe box, minibar, privet bathrooms with luxurious showers and hairdryers.


The Green Flag of Cariati 2013

Cariati is among the best destinations for families with small kids, this has been confirmed by 115 pediatricians around Italy which understand the needs of small kids and the best environment for them. This award is recognized on a national level in Italy.
The Green flag award is an indication of being the ideal vacation destination for families with kids under the age of four giving that until that age kids are more attached to their parents and enjoy group activities. This award is also given to destinations with clean beaches and crystal clear Sea water,it is also an indication of optimal services on the beach and around the coastal area.



For Info and Reservation:

Via G. Garibaldi, 59 (CS)
87063 Cariati Old Town
Mob. +39 333-4045284
Off. +39 0983-968734
Fax. +39 0983-532976



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